“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful massages that I get once a month. I would certainly come more often if I could. In my book you are the best!

My job is so stressful; I have so much responsibility and I work very long hours. By the time I get to see Wendy for my monthly 1 & 1/2 hour treat, my stress has reduced my shoulder and neck muscles to a mass of lumpy knots. I can barely wait to climb onto that table for some relief.

When Wendy gets started breaking down that tension, kneading those relentless knots, I can feel the blood begin to flow back into my brain again. The relief is amazing. I sometimes feel like a turtle whose head has retreated into its shell and gotten stuck there. My neck is gone! By the time my massage is done, I discover that I do still have a neck! My head has come out of its shell! My circulation is restored to normal and my muscles have released the toxins that stress causes. I would be very sad if I couldn’t maintain (at least ) a monthly routine of massage. Thank you Wendy. You are a master at what you do.”

~Vicki Albert, Golden, CO

“I have been coming to the Golden Bodyworker for almost 2 years. Before my first visit my back, shoulder and feet hurt all the time. They even hurt at night to the point of waking me on an average of 4-5 nights a week.

I first visited with Wendy in October of 2008 and after the first session I started to notice a dramatic improvement in my sleep and general well being. I now have feeling in my feet that I though would never return following a car accident. I visited several neurologists many times and didn’t have anywhere near the increase in feeling and decrease in pain that I”ve had since coming to the Golden Bodyworker. My back, knees and shoulder feel great and I still come in at least once a month for a maintenance message!”

~Mike Ryan

“Wonderful massage therapist.

You (Dan) were fabulous. So intuitive with every stroke. I have told everyone back here in MN about my experience. It was the highlight of my four day trip to Golden, CO. I wish we had you here in Rochester.


~Trish Zimmer, Chatfield, MN

“Wendy is the owner of the business, and a masseuse. I have been seeing her for years. Many massage therapists have trouble figuring out where you hurt and how hard to push it. Wendy does not have trouble with either. She is really an expert at being able to determine what I need and how much of it. I always receive an amazing therapeutic massage when I see her. I have been getting massages my whole life, Wendy does a spectacular job.”

~Paul, Golden, CO

“One of the BEST deep tissue ever!

Wendy, owner of the Golden Bodyworker, is professional, sweet, as well as strong, while giving one of the best massages I have ever had. Strong hands are hard to find! I have found my girl.”

~Kent, Golden, CO

“I was having problems with my leg and lower back. I’d tried exercise, stretching, chiropractic. All helped, but only temporarily. I went to Wendy at Golden Bodyworker. She diagnosed the problem and worked on connecting muscles – don’t ask me the technical names. After only 3 sessions, the problem was gone. She didn’t just offer temporary relief, but found a long-term solution. I know as I age, there will be other aches and pains. Now I know where to go when it happens. Wendy’s my choice – she really knows what she’s doing.”

~Larry Brummond, Evergreen, CO

“Thank you Wendy, I appreciate you being there. I came home and took a needed nap and am feeling better. I think I needed to get those things loosened up and hopefully they will move it. I’ve been drinking lots of water.”

~Vicki Barg, Golden, CO